What can Social Media do for SEO?

Social Media and SEOSearch Engine Optimization and social media marketing are two interlinked strategies that can significantly boost visibility of a business. Both are inbound, organic strategies that are geared toward creating a brand image and naturally attracting visitors. Social media marketing is all about producing and sharing high-quality content to build a strong, visible brand presence, and when you couple your SEO efforts with it, it can dramatically improve your social media reach as well as search rankings.

Here are a few ways how social media can affect your SEO:

Social Media Pages have their own Search Rankings

You may have noticed that when you type your business name in a search engine, your social media profiles appear in the results along with your official business website. Ranking a website is sometimes difficult, especially in a saturated market with a lot of competitors. You have another opportunity of bringing your business up in the ranks by working on improving the visibility of your social profiles. This can help your business compete head on with your competitors in terms of visibility in SERPs.

Make sure your social media accounts are active and regularly updated. You should post updates and engage with your audience for more views and shares that will affect the search ranking of your specific profiles.

More Backlinks for your Website

Social media users share content they like with their friends. As they share your page and content on their profile, more people will be able to see your business and visit your website. There is a good chance that if these people like your content, they may create similar stuff and give credit or mention your business in their work. This includes providing a link to your business website, creating more authentic, high-quality backlinks that boost your overall search ranking.

Content Revival

If you post an article on your blog, it is likely to be pushed down and forgotten as you upload new content. With social media, you can increase the life of your blog posts by recycling or re-sharing the content back after a few weeks or months with some new information added to it. Google always appreciates websites that provide fresh content to their users and reward them by leveling up their ranks. Moreover, you can start getting more traffic to your website or benefit from links that come through to your article or blog via the social media push.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

One of the main benefits of social media marketing is increased brand awareness. It may seem more of a branding advantage a SEO-specific one,but there is a huge SEO benefit for you. When more people are aware of your brand on social media, they are likely to make branded searches rather than using keywords to find businesses same as yours. The higher number of branded searches will lead to higher ranking of your website for non-branded keywords as well. It may seem like a complicated relationship, but if you are able to secure strong brand presence on social media, you will end up with better search engine visibility too.

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