Ways To Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital MarketingIt’s that time of year again – spring cleaning season. While you’re freshening up your operations, don’t forget to pay due attention to your marketing strategy. Here are five ways to freshen up for 2020’s market.

1. Air Out Your Meta Keyword Tags

Google is no longer using meta keyword tags as a ranking signal for its organic search ranking. That might not surprise you. After all, Google’s success was due — in part, at least — to not relying much on keyword tags.

With that in mind, it’s surprising how many of these snippets of code are still sitting around. These days, they do little more than alert savvy marketers to key elements of their competitors’ strategies. In short, it’s well past time to address this issue by tossing out the meta elements that you’re not using.

2. Change Your Site Layout

Mobile took over as the worldwide majority of website traffic in 2017. That’s up from less than one percent in 2009. From a marketing perspective, that means you need to focus on a mobile experience rather than a desktop experience for the user.

3. Toss Any Software Generated Content

Content quality matters because every search engine’s goal is to show people something they can use. Can you imagine anyone who would find any real use in the convoluted, sophomoric and semi-plagiaristic palaver that software-generated content programs churn out? You deserve a unique voice — one that makes sense.

People will always want writing that they can understand, that answers their questions and that provides valuable, actionable information. Use spring as an opportunity to rewrite pages or posts from a content-driven perspective.

4. Moving Away From Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing — repeating search-engine terms ad nauseam — results in a ranking penalty. It also makes articles nearly unreadable. Quality, well-organized content will draw readers in from the search page and keep them there long enough for a chance at conversion. It has the bonus of raising

5. Dust Off Paid Advertising

Last but certainly not least, spring is as good of a time as any to ensure all of your advertising campaigns and content are up to date with new Google best practices. You’ll want to optimize your keywords, check the connections for your links and refresh your copy.

Here’s the roundup. Getting rid of meta tags can keep competitors from snooping on your strategies. Designing for mobile helps you get ahead of user trends — and ahead of business that postpone this change. Focusing on well-written content that makes sense for the keyword (opposed to machine-generated content that’s stuffed with keywords) avoids search algorithm penalties and promotes brand trust. Checking your ads helps you make the most of your budget.

You don’t have to wait until spring. Call FORWARD Marketing at (773) 227-3269 today for a consultation and speak with a digital marketing specialist on how to implement any of these changes.