Use Geofencing Technology to Reach Your Target Market

Digital MarketingIf you are a business owner looking for a better way to promote your brand among your target audience, then there is good news for you. Now you can use geofencing technology to promote your product or service among your target audience based on their geographic location. With more and more smartphones and other mobile devices that use the Internet, it has become easier for companies to locally target their audience in each region. You can get in touch with an experienced marketing firm to get geofencing for your small business.

How to Promote Your Business with Geofencing

Geofencing marketing technology works by creating virtual boundaries to target your audience. When a potential target customer enters the assigned virtual boundary, they activate push notifications and ads for particular brands. These ads entice potential customers to pay a visit to the storefront located within the boundary.

Location Based Marketing

Geofencing relies on GPS technology to determine the virtual boundaries and to assign location-based ads to target customers when they step into the boundary. This form of marketing is considered as a granular marketing technique, which allows businesses to find their target audience based on their actual geographical location.

The most commonly used promotional methods in geofencing involve developing targeted ads based on particular events, brands, and a high-end conference. For example, businesses in New York City – specifically in Times Square, might create a geofence around New Year’s Eve. These customers will get a special ad about a flash sale or a special discount as customers physically enter Times Square for New Year Celebrations. Similarly, businesses can target any event in their respective location. Customers can receive a text message or a push notification triggering them to visit the store.

PPC Ads and Geofencing

Pay per click or PPC is a perfect way to reach your target audience. Google is one of the most frequently used platforms for targeting PPC marketing. A popular tool such as Google Ads offers your business the perfect way to carry out targeted marketing. However, only when the potential target customer physically enters the location will Google Ads present them with an ad based on their actual location. Google ads work in actual physical locations and do not create virtual boundaries in other geofencing techniques. If you wish to promote your business, you will need a seasoned marketing firm to take care of your small business promotional needs.

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