The Importance of Quality Score in AdWords

Mastering the skill and art of Pay-Per-Click Management is not easy, and it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the Quality Score. Digital marketing companies have a major influence on the effectiveness and the cost associated with every paid search campaign.

Pay Per Click ManagementConsider the Quality Score similar to a credit score that can affect the decision whether or not a particular individual qualifies for a loan depending on the interest rate. It’s safe to say that Google’s Quality Score affects the performance of a PPC ad depending on how much a customer is paying for it but it does not include the web design cost.

What is a Quality Score?

Google relies on Quality Score to measure and rate the relevance and quality of the keywords and the PPC ads. The Quality Score is a useful tool that is used to determine the Cost per Click (CPC), Pay-Per-Click Management, and the maximum bid that determines the ranking of the advertisement during the auction. Some factors that can affect the Quality Score in AdWords are:

  • The content quality of the landing page
  • The use of relevant keywords
  • Proper SEO techniques
  • Proper usage of AdWords
  • AdWords accounts performance history
  • The relevance of the ad text
  • The click-through rate (CTR)

Apart from Google experts and programmers, nobody can say for sure how each of the above factors is weighed to get a high-ranking Quality Score in AdWords. Companies and digital marketing experts find it hard to decrypt the Quality Score Algorithm. The only factor that elaborates how the ranking system works is the click-through rate. CTR is the only component that can determine how many people have clicked the ad depending on its SEO and relevancy.

Therefore, if a landing page on your website has higher ad ranking based on the number of clicks it gets, the lesser the cost of advertising on Google.

Improving the Quality Score in AdWords

Digital marketing experts usually analyze hundreds and thousands of Google AdWords and PPC accounts to determine the Quality Score. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can play a vital role in improving Quality Score. Refining and improving Quality Score in AdWords can be done by:

  • Improving the keyword research
  • Proper organization of the keywords
  • Optimizing the landing pages
  • Adding negative keywords

Quality Score is a tool for AdWords that measures the relevancy of the ads. Contact Digital Marketing and SEO experts at Forward Marketing by calling us at (773) 227-3269 or email us at

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