Should My Website be Redesigned?

Website DesignA majority of businesses update their website regularly for a number of reasons – to change or edit a few graphics or images, introduce a new product offering, redo their logo, or add more pages to it. However, there comes a time when a complete revamp of your website is well over due. Typically, the average lifespan for a website is between 3 and 7 years. However, the age of the website should never be the only factor to consider at the time of redesign, as it should depend on the effectiveness of your business’s virtual front than whether it is in line with today’s trends.

Wondering whether it’s about time to redesign your website? Here are a few signs you should look for to determine the answer:

Its Page Loading Speed is Slow

You can be driving off many potential customers if your website’s loading speed is slow. About 47 percent of visitors want a website to load in under 2 seconds, while 40 percent people are likely to abandon a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load, according to a study by KISSmetrics. If your website takes long time to load, you are not only giving a reason for your visitors to abandon your website, but are also damaging its search engine ranking. So, if your website is slow, it is a sign that you need to redesign your website and include elements that boosts its loading speed to ensure it provides a great user experience.

Your Competitors Have Updated their Website and It is Performing Great

If you are seeing a decrease in the amount of traffic and customer base while your competitors are doing great, it is safe to assume that their website redesign is a success. This also means that it is high time for you to step up your game and create an online marketing strategy that involves revamping your website to get ahead of your competition. You may want to check out your competitors’ strategy and how well it is working for them, and optimize your web presence to grow your client base.

Your Search Engine Rankings are Taking a Downturn

Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have significantly updated their algorithms. If you are experiencing a decline in your search engine ranking, your website’s poor performance and outdated content can be a big factor.  Google’s Hummingbird update has given a lot of importance to websites that upload new, high-quality, original content regularly, which is why websites nowadays have blogs. Moreover, if your website’s content is not optimized with relevant keywords and is just overloaded with images or Flash elements, you should consider giving it a new look.

Your Website is not Optimized for Screens of all Sizes

It has almost become redundant stating the importance of having a responsive website that provides the same experience on all devices. According to a study by eMarketer, the number of users accessing websites from their mobile phones has increased by 82.5 percent in 2016, indicating the surge of the use of handheld devices in the next coming years.

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