Web Design

Web Design is Our Business

We all know that having a strong internet presence in this day and age is very important, and it starts with your website.  If you’re going to drive traffic to your website through SEO, PPC, social media and other methods you need a website that not only projects a professional image, but converts traffic into customers.  FORWARD marketing develops high quality custom websites that give your business a clean and modern look, giving you an advantage over your competition.

Our Process 

Our website designing process starts the moment we first speak with you.  We feel it is very important to understand the message you want your custom website to communicate both visually and through the content so understanding your goals is invaluable.  Based on what you want your website to accomplish, we will help determine how much content will be necessary and come up with a general sitemap of your new custom site.

After fully understanding what the goal of your new website is, we go to work right away.  Within 10 business days we will present two design mock-ups which are based on the input you provided in our initial discovery.  These mock-ups are not a final draft but give us a basis to work off of from a visual standpoint.  After you communicate the revisions you want on either of the mock-ups and we satisfy the visual aspect of the site, we waste no time going to the next phase of your website, the build out.

The timeframe on the build out of the site depends on the size of the website.  A simple website may only take a few weeks to complete while a website that has hundreds of pages may require more time to build out.  Depending on the scope of the project, once the buildout is complete we will provide a live preview link which will include a fully functional version of your website prior to approval and website launch.

Custom Web Design for Small Businesses

Whether you are seeking a simple website or something much more complex, we will make sure your vision becomes a reality.  Creating a visually-pleasing website that represents your business well and turns web-traffic into paying customers is our priority.  We would love to hear your goals, call us today at (773) 227-3269 to discuss your business’ website needs.