Live Chat

Can Live Chat Help Increase Website Conversions?

Prospective clients generally prefer businesses that respond to their queries in the least time possible. And what can be a better way to readily respond to a client than through live chat? With FORWARD marketing’s live chat service, you can ensure that you don’t lose a potential client because of delayed response.

With live chat enabled on your website, you or a live associate can engage with a potential client who comes to your website to know whether you can help them out.  This feature allows you the live associate to quickly gather the prospective client’s information and connect them immediately to the office or pass on the potential client’s information to you in real time.  Interacting through live chat is invaluable for engaging visitors and converting them into high value clients for your practice.

Connect With Your Visitors Instantly

When a person is looking for the services your business provides online, they conduct a general search on Google and open a few websites.  Most of the time, people feel reluctant to share their personal details through a contact form, or pick up the phone to call the office. But with live chat, you get the opportunity to be the first to start a conversation with the visitor, giving them confidence to share information regarding their needs.

How Our Live Chat Service Works

The process of our live chat service is quite straightforward.

  • First, we install a short programming code into your website.
  • When a visitor comes to your website, a greeting message pops up after a period of a few seconds. It gives them the option to have one-on-one chat with a live agent.
  • The live agent answers their initial queries and collects a summary of their needs along with their contact information.
  • The complete chat transcript is then sent to your business in real-time so that you can follow up with the client.

Why Choose Our Live Chat Service?

Businesses can benefit by utilizing our live chat services in a variety of ways, including :

  • Significant increase in conversion rates
  • Pay-for-Performance Models available
  • Affordable and cost-effective service
  • Value-added customer experience, as your clients will be impressed by the level of professionalism during real-time online assistance
  • Proactive visitor engagements
  • A live chat service exclusively geared towards catering to your business.
  • A higher chance to convert visitors that would otherwise have left the website.


If you are looking for a way to increase value to potential clients visiting your website while increasing conversion rates, contact FORWARD marketing today by calling (773) 227-3269.