Google Local Services Ads (LSA’s)

Local Services Ads (LSAs) show your business to local searchers. They use the search location, your business’s information and your Google My Business review score.

LSAs complement pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). That is mostly due to their unique placement, simplicity and high level of credibility:

  • They show up at the top of desktop and mobile search results.
  • They’re simple: just your information and a contact button.
  • They only charge you when a customer contacts your business.
  • They require verification and approval.

How Do LSAs Work?

LSAs appear as a brief, verified nameplate at the top of results for local searches. They show up before anything else — paid ads, organic search results and so on.

When a customer contacts you using the ad, your account is charged. You control your budget based on your lead-generation goals.

One of the unique elements of LSAs is the process involved. You can divide it into four general steps:

  1. Application: Submitting your information to Google to get approval.
  2. Activation: Allocating a budget for your campaign.
  3. Tracking: Overseeing ad performance and following lead lifecycles.
  4. Optimization: Improving your ad rank.

Why Choose FORWARD marketing LSA Services?

You’ll need to do some work to get the most out of LSAs. FORWARD marketing can help.

There’s strategy involved — you need to get a higher number of positive reviews on Google My Business to show up more often, for example. There are also plenty of common practices that may harm your ranking, such as referring your incoming leads to partners.

We understand these technical and strategic elements. We also spend the time to get to know the unique way you do business. That’s the combination you need to make the most of every online marketing campaign — not just LSAs. Contact us today to get started.

Who Can Get Google LSAs?

The LSA program started with a focus on home services, such as plumbing, cleaning, HVAC and electrical. These ads are now available for many more industries, such as:

  • Dentists: Cosmetic dentists, family dentistry, preventive services, dental surgeons
  • General/specialist healthcare: Chiropractors, physical therapists, psychologists, aesthetic clinics
  • Law firms: Divorce law, estate planning, criminal defense law, personal injury law
  • Remodeling/repair: Interior/exterior remodelers, plumbers, painters, home repair, electricians, HVAC
  • New home construction: Carpenters, contractors, architects, developers
  • Cleaning: B2B cleaning services, home cleaning, fire recovery, flood remediation, pest control, carpet cleaners
  • Insurance: Insurance agencies providing coverage for autos, injury, disaster, homes, businesses

This is not a complete list. If you don’t see your business type, give FORWARD marketing a call. We’ll check if you’re eligible — no obligation to go any further than that.

Why You Need LSAs

LSAs reinforce your company’s search presence. They complement PPC campaigns and SEO efforts. They show that you’re approved by Google as a real business. They show up before every other search result. They encourage direct action.

Simply put: If you’re interested in generating new leads, LSAs should be part of your strategy. Feel free to contact us at (773) 227-3269 to start the approval process.