Blog Marketing

How Does Blogging fit into my Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your company’s website speaks volumes about your business when a user views your pages. But most people aren’t aware of the best ways to attract internet users to their site. Today we are inundated with so many marketing options from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to social media marketing campaigns. Digital alternatives offer a lot more benefits than traditional marketing options, but most small businesses don’t understand how to market their website effectively to attract more leads. It doesn’t matter how sleek your website looks if you don’t rank well enough in search engines for users to actually view your content.

Blog Marketing and SEO

Blogging provides several benefits for your website that other forms of marketing simply don’t offer. For example, adding high quality content to your blog on a regular basis can help you rank better in search engines which can help supplement your SEO campaign.  This will help increase organic traffic to your site and ultimately increase conversions.

Additionally, consider that not all blog content needs to revolve around keywords. Content that helps solve problems for your audience can encourage others on the internet to create links to your site. How-to articles, writing about current events, and other informative content that teaches your audience something valuable can strengthen your web presence to increase your monthly traffic.

Building Trust and Authority

Blogs also have the ability to make your market perceive you as a credible authority. The more accurate high quality content you create related to your market or niche, the more people will trust you. As your authority and credibility grow, so will your audience (and so will your leads). It is very hard to quantify a way to measure authority, but it is certainly an incredibly powerful tool for your business. Because blog marketing offers so many unique benefits, your business needs to utilize this tool to succeed on the web.  If you are not managing a blog on your website, chances are you have a big area of opportunity.

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