Tips for Rebranding Your Business in 2020

Digital MarketingRebrands are major projects, so here’s a tip to start: Get an agency’s help if you don’t have a specialized in-house marketing team with relevant experience. With that in mind, this article will focus more on top-level, idea-based guidelines. Your team will be able to work out the specific processes that drive your unique transition.

Be Open

Companies rebrand for an unlimited amount of reasons. It’s important to be clear, open and upfront about what made you choose to change your image. Some common examples are: Keeping up with competition, standing out in a crowded market, adapting to new operations, or pivoting away from an old brand’s tainted public perception.

Keep in mind – this information doesn’t have to go beyond the people directly involved on a strategic level. It doesn’t even have to be a part of your new image. However, in order to effectively direct the process, decision makers and advisors need to know your reasons.

Be Personal

In terms of the direction of your rebrand, a current cross-industry trend right now is businesses are adopting more personal images. Try to find a mix of professionalism and personability that works best for your team and your clientele – while also showing your humanity.

To work through what this means for you, refer to the way you connect with people. If you offer a product, your point of contact is probably the product itself. For professional services, interactions with your staff, technicians and agents are the way your business connects with clients. To make your image more personal, try starting with a focus on the human element of these initial touchpoints.

Be Engaged

Keeping up contact is always good business, but it’s even more important during a rebrand. Luckily, you probably already use many of the tools necessary. After you focus your message appropriately – and possibly reprioritize your communications – you should be good to go.

Depending on your business, you may want to use direct email contact, social media, industry events, paid ad campaigns, press releases or community groups to let everybody know you’re changing your image. Make sure to accurately gauge public interest before choosing your exact strategy.

Be Patient

Even in cases involving a dramatic reveal of a new image, the rebranding itself doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of work involved, and it’s typically distributed across multiple divisions of a business. You’ll need to establish a communication structure, keep a realistic timeline and focus on maintaining your momentum during the process.

These tips should help you crystallize your vision, guide your team and lead your transition successfully. To learn more about rebranding your business and how to promote your business effectively on social media, contact FORWARD Marketing at (773) 227-3269 to speak with a digital marketing specialist.