Net Neutrality & SEO: What You Need to Know

Recently, there has been a lot of debate regarding net neutrality and the implications of ending it. Essentially, the term net neutrality refers to equal and complete access to the internet without any restrictions in terms of bandwidth or website access. This allows everyone on the internet to have equal access to opportunities and areas to market or sell their wares. Therefore, in order protect the neutrality of the internet and the right of every user to have equal access to the internet regardless of their financial importance, many activists have been fighting the attempts being made to curb net neutrality.

Understanding the Importance of Net Neutrality

Digital MarketingIt is extremely important to understand the significance of net neutrality. As defined above, net neutrality allows equal access to every internet user. If this neutrality is curbed, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) would be able to restrict the internet user’s access to the internet based on their payment plan. For instance, a person paying a basic fee of $50 would be granted limited access to websites such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. In order to get access to second and third tier websites, the user would be asked to pay significantly more for his or her internet connection.

How is this bad? A non-neutral internet would create an uneven playing ground for second and third tier websites. It would allow a select few businesses to create a monopoly and pose a threat to smaller businesses and websites. For instance, your competitor might pay your ISP to put their website in basic internet plan thus increasing the number of people who can access their website.

How does net neutrality affect your SEO?

As long as there is net neutrality, you can use your SEO to attract more traffic towards your website. But in the absence of net neutrality, you would have to pay off ISPs to get more traffic as all your SEO marketing attempts would be rendered futile. Therefore, in order to combat this, most companies have several times defied government’s attempts to curb net neutrality.

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