How the Holidays May Affect Your AdWords Campaign

Pay Per Click ManagementThe holiday season is the time when customer behavior and shopping trends change dramatically. It can get quite confusing for many online marketers to plan their advertising strategy, as it forces them to rethink the core elements they have been using for the past 10 to 11 months. However, the holiday season brings with itself a bundle of opportunities to create new leads, expand your customer base, bring your brand to the forefront, and triumph over your competitors by optimizing your AdWords campaign and creating maximum impact on your target audience.

Here we have shared a few great tips to help you step up your AdWords game this holiday season:

Opt for Shopping Campaigns

One of the best gifts of the holiday season is shopping campaigns that allow you to bring your products in the spotlight. If you are still contemplating about starting this campaign, it is high time you make it a part of your marketing strategy. Shopping campaigns are highly effective as they simplify the shopping process by readily providing users the information needed to make the purchasing decision.

Listen to What Google has to Say on Holiday Advertising

Google not only cares about the users – it wants the online businesses to thrive and benefit too. Google has published a short, helpful guide in the AdWords Help section that provides guidance to marketers to plan ahead and launch optimized campaigns for the holiday season. Since October till December is the peak period for shopping, Google offers a wealth of advice to allow marketers to improve their strategies and meet increased demand to win customers.

Google Shopping Insight to Learn about Customer Behavior

Back in 2015, Google introduced Shopping Insight, which is designed to allow marketers to develop a better understanding of customer behavior and what they are looking for. With the help of this tool, you can gain insights into the trends and popularity of a product, the kind of products users want, devices people are using for searching and buying, geo-specific data, and more. This information can help you optimize your AdWords campaign with relevant keywords and better target their audience.

Timing of Campaigns is of Essence

To time your campaigns right, you should consider using the Ad Scheduling feature that allows you to make a proper schedule for days or specific time period when traffic is affected the most. A useful application for your business can be campaigns with timed offers. With Ad Scheduling, you can set a start and end time so that you can track customers and communications while running other offers.

Use Ad Extensions

There are several ad extensions available that help you improve the visibility and effectiveness of your ads. They enable you to provide additional information to your customers about your business and its offerings, and easily make purchasing decisions. You can use either the automated extensions or the manual ones, and leverage unique features, such as sitelink, customer ratings, call out extensions, among others.

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