How Facebook Remarketing Can Help Your Digital Campaign

Digital MarketingRemarketing tools, like those available through Facebook, track the behavior of people on your website. They then use that information to show relevant advertisements to the people you choose. If you have a digital campaign going, taking advantage of remarketing could be the key to seeing better returns, especially with your existing contacts.

In fact, the key concept of remarketing — or retargeting, as Facebook calls it — is you use information about previous contacts to redirect people to your products or services. This complements many traditional marketing and advertising strategies, which typically generate new interest by identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to contact people who would be interested in your services.

Making the Most of Your Data

The nice thing about retargeting is you’re focusing on people who have already shown interest. You could retarget to many groups based on various information sets you already have, such as:

  • Email lists
  • Client contact information
  • Facebook profiles

You may already use this data to keep in contact or even to inform your online marketing strategies. Remarketing is a little different.

Serving Ultra-Specific Ads

With a technology known as dynamic advertising, Facebook uses information from the lists you provide — and from the Facebook pixel — to automatically provide potentially relevant ads that are seamlessly integrated into the Facebook platform.

For example, a customer who visited your site looking for information about treatment after an auto injury might start to see an ad you created about your medical services. A customer might see an ad for a discount for a pair of shoes left unpurchased in a shopping cart. It’s that specific. When you structure your campaign correctly, remarketing may even automatically choose the most effective copy and images based on advanced performance analytics.

Tracking Visitor Behavior

Mentioned briefly above, the Facebook pixel is a snippet you can include in your website code. Basically, it tracks visitor activity, associating behavior patterns with Facebook profiles. For example, it could record which pages someone visited on your site. The Facebook ad service would then use this data to produce very specific advertisements for that person.

Keeping You in Focus

There are many reasons retargeting helps digital campaigns, but one of the most important is also the simplest: Sometimes, people get distracted. When people get sidetracked away from your site, Facebook retargeting has the potential to draw their attention again — while they’re still in the decision-making process.

There aren’t many second chances in business, but Facebook retargeting is one way to create more of them. Please feel free to contact FORWARD Marketing at (773) 227-3269 to further discuss your options with a digital marketing specialist.

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