How Does Video Help SEO?

Video BloggingVideo content is rapidly gaining ground in the online marketing world, and many businesses have already started taking advantage of it. Brands are now centering their marketing strategies on videos to deliver important messages to their target audience in a highly engaging way. Not only does it help in steering the attention of customers to your products and services, it also improves your SEO and website ranking.

If used in the right way, video content can prove to be a game changer and boost your SEO in more ways than you can imagine. In this blog post, we have shed light on how video content helps in improving SEO, and shared a few tips on how to optimize this multimedia resource for better website ranking.

How Optimizing Videos can Boost your SEO

Aside from having good, interesting content, your videos need to be positive, relevant, and optimized from an SEO standpoint. There are six ways videos can contribute to your SEO strategy:

  1. Rank Higher in SERPs: The latest Google Hummingbird update gives preference to websites with video content. If you use rich video snippets, you are likely to be ranked higher in the SERPs.
  2. Build Quality Backlinks: If you link videos with your written content in the right way, you can achieve high quality backlink contributing to your SEO.
  3. Reduce Bounce Rates: Since videos are highly engaging and tend to keep customers hooked for long, they result in lower bounce rates. Though you need to make sure that the video title is short and accurate, and the content is concise, clear, and interesting to keep people around.
  4. Enhance CTR: According to a HubSpot survey, video is the most effective and popular type of online content because users tend to consume it “thoroughly”. You can leverage from better click through rate with the help of video content by creating a separate sitemap for your visitors to find videos easily on your website.
  5. Highly Shareable: Social signals, such as tweets, retweets, pins, likes, shares, and others, help with improving SEO for both for content and videos. When the video is shared and viewed on multiple platforms, it helps in building quality backlinks, which helps in increasing your videos social relevance and domain’s strength, resulting in better SEO.
  6. Better Engagement: It is has been found that a majority of people are likely to share videos than static content – social media networks are a living proof of this. What this means for SEO is that the more engagement your video create, the better your page ranks. With higher SERP ranking, the more potential customers are able to find your page and engage with it.

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