How Do I Optimize My Social Media Accounts?

The Blog was Posted on Jan 22 2019 by admin
Social Media Optimization (SMO) plays an instrumental role in a successful online marketing strategy as it provides an effective, yet cost-friendly way to improve online visibility, brand strengthening, and lead generation for a small business. SMO is about devising a strategic social media plan to facilitate a better connection with the target audience and improving […]

Effects of Google Plus Shutdown

The Blog was Posted on Dec 10 2018 by admin
October 8, 2018 – Google made an announcement on their official blog that Google+ will be shutting down in the upcoming months in light of the recent data breach that occurred during March 2018. Google kept this news a secret for a number of months, leaving a large number of profiles at risk. In their […]

What Should I Do with My PPC Campaign When the Office Is Closed for the Holidays?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 26 2018 by admin
Every business uses different kinds of online marketing strategies in order to maintain an effective online presence and promote their offerings. One of the most common and effective strategies of digital marketing includes Pay-Per-Click (PCC), where they advertise their offerings by paying a fee each time their advertisement is clicked. Wordlead reveals that internet traffic […]

Benefits of Google’s Responsive Ads

The Blog was Posted on Oct 17 2018 by admin
As of January 31st, 2018, Google announced that it will no longer allow Google Display Network (GDN) standard text ads to be created or edited. In light of this news, advertisers started to implement responsive ads for GDN. A responsive ad simply requires uploading the assets (texts, images, logos, etc.) to GDN and Google Ads […]

Google to Mark Non-HTTPS Site as Unsecure

The Blog was Posted on Sep 18 2018 by admin
In 2014, Google announced on their webmaster central blog that they are going to give higher ranking to HTTPS websites in their search engines to encourage everyone to switch their website from HTTP to HTTPS. Therefore, sites that used HTTPS got a boost of traffic over their counterparts using insecure HTTP. Over the past few […]

Net Neutrality & SEO: What You Need to Know

The Blog was Posted on Aug 21 2018 by admin
Recently, there has been a lot of debate regarding net neutrality and the implications of ending it. Essentially, the term net neutrality refers to equal and complete access to the internet without any restrictions in terms of bandwidth or website access. This allows everyone on the internet to have equal access to opportunities and areas […]

Benefits of a Responsive Website

The Blog was Posted on Jul 19 2018 by admin
In a highly competitive and constantly evolving digital environment, it is important for a business to keep pace and adapt accordingly. Most people these days use a variety of devices to access the internet. The screen size and user interface varies on every device which often makes websites seem incoherent. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns […]

How Seasonality Affects AdWords Campaigns for Certain Industries

The Blog was Posted on Jun 21 2018 by admin
At first, it may seem odd how seasonality can possibly impact a Google AdWords campaign. Digital marketing specialists have identified certain seasons which directly influence digital marketing campaigns for some industries. For instance, the holiday season around Christmas time is statistically the busiest season of the year. On the other hand, the summer season affects […]

Blogging Benefits for Small Businesses

The Blog was Posted on May 15 2018 by admin
Establishing a unique yet strong digital presence is extremely important for businesses in the current digital age. Particularly for small business on a tight budget, digital marketing is an affordable yet extremely effective way for them to reach a wider audience and drive more business towards their company. Blogging is one of the most integral […]

The Importance of Quality Score in AdWords

The Blog was Posted on Apr 17 2018 by admin
Mastering the skill and art of Pay-Per-Click Management is not easy, and it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the Quality Score. Digital marketing companies have a major influence on the effectiveness and the cost associated with every paid search campaign. Consider the Quality Score similar to a credit score that can affect the […]