Benefits of Interactive Content for Users

Digital Marketing FirmInteractive web content is probably exactly what you would expect — it could be any feature that requires more than passive observation from a user. Some common examples include chatbots, videos and contact forms — even hyperlinks are interactive.

Interactive content boosts engagement. It increases visit durations. It reduces bounce rates. It improves various metrics that directly contribute to your ability to achieve key marketing goals, such as increased conversion and higher search rankings.

Even with all of that in mind, one of the biggest advantages for your business is interactive content provides value to visitors. Done correctly, this type of technology can make it much easier for people to find the information they’re looking for. Read on for how users benefit from various types of interactive media.


Chatbots are among the most common advanced interactive features out there. They allow visitors to access information easily and at their own pace, without time-consuming browsing or research. They are most popular on Facebook and similar social platforms.

On social media, leaders in every type of business — from pizza delivery companies to airlines — seem to have bots set up. Not everyone operates on the same scale as Pizza Hut or Delta, but you would probably be surprised at how accessible this type of feature is.

If you’re operating at a small-to-medium scale, your clients can still benefit from chatbots. The impact will be biggest if your business is in a competitive sector, which depends on initial consultations, case-by-case work or relatively complex sales processes. Chatbots tend to streamline intake, as well as allow clients to begin the process on their own schedules.

Contact Forms

Sometimes, simple is best. Contact forms and properly designed business information, such as tap-able telephone numbers or map-linked addresses, are examples of interactive content. It may sound obvious, but your clients and potential clients get convenience value from easy access to contact forms and information. These core features make it easy for a visitor to submit a question, get directions or call you — and then get on with business as usual.


Both informational and promotional videos have the potential to provide value to your site’s visitors. It can be easier to look and listen than to read. Videos, when formatted correctly, can also provide links during the presentation to relevant pages on your website.

As you can see, the definition of interactive content in web design is relatively broad. Whether it takes the form of hyperlinks, videos or chatbots, interactivity is one of the main reasons people enjoy using the internet to get information about businesses.

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