Are You Protected from Hackers?

Website Hacker ProtectionIf you are a website owner, then a question that often troubles you is whether you are protected from hackers or can your service can be instantly wiped off in an internet attack. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that your website services are as protected from hackers.

Updated Software Support

Even when you are running a website from a secure server, the use of old software is a practice that can allow hackers to infiltrate to your website and its associated resources. The use of CMS software and other tools is common in website development and running applications. Any hole in a software tool is a great spot for hackers to attack and exploit. Make sure that your website’s software tools are updated in a regular manner. This is possible when you work with a digital marketing agency that manages your website and performs this activity for you as part of managing your digital portfolio.

SQL Protection

You need protection from database attacks as well, especially if SQL parameters are employed on your website. A rogue code can smartly change your tables and delete the stored data once it has been captured by a hacker. By inserting fixed parameters for producing queries, it becomes nearly impossible for a hacker to insert rogue queries to get to the stored information. This method is available in most web development languages. A good way to ensure SQL protection would be to ask your digital media partner to ensure that it is available on your website.

Password Protection

Regardless of how your website is managed, it is important to implement password protection. Make sure that you use strong passwords to access the server and the admin area of the website. If your website allows for user accounts, ask the users to create stronger passwords that offer improved account security. Using hashing algorithm like SHA is important too, as it ensures that your passwords are always stored in an encrypted form where it is ensured that the original passwords are never compared and therefore, communicated for a hacking theft.

Extra security is achieved by using salting practices with passwords. It is a unique way of adding data to the algorithm to ensure that even a dictionary attack will not produce the required password to the hacker. Hiring a reputed digital marketing agency will mean that you will already get maximum website security with their web management services.

Error Information

Websites naturally present error information if wrong information is asked or a user performs a function not available on the website. However, if not limited, the error information page can deliver too much inside information, enabling a hacker to then attack the vulnerable parts of your website. You remain protected when you limit your error information display to ensure that the error explanation is provided, but no specific information is given about the website system or the server on which the website is present.

These are some ways in which it is possible to protect your website from hackers. However, new attacks can come all the time and website owners must always be ready to take better measures. For developing and maintaining a secure website from hackers, contact FORWARD marketing at (773) 227-3269 today to discuss your needs.

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