3 Ways to Maximize SEO Performance

The Blog was Posted on Jun 14 2017 by admin
Every business wants to secure the top ranks in the SERPs to attract the maximum number of consumers looking for products or services that they offer. However, reaching the top takes a lot of time and energy, and a solid SEO strategy that is up-to-date with the latest requirements of the search engine algorithms. When […]

How Does Video Help SEO?

The Blog was Posted on May 16 2017 by admin
Video content is rapidly gaining ground in the online marketing world, and many businesses have already started taking advantage of it. Brands are now centering their marketing strategies on videos to deliver important messages to their target audience in a highly engaging way. Not only does it help in steering the attention of customers to […]

Can I Do SEO for My Small Business on My Own?

The Blog was Posted on Apr 18 2017 by admin
For many entrepreneurs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a frustrating and perplexing topic. While they may know it is important for the online success of their business, they often fail to understand what it entails and the best approach for implementing it. Consumers looking for goods and services turn to search engines for find […]

4 Things You Can do TODAY, (for FREE), to Help Lay the Foundation for a Strong Online Presence

The Blog was Posted on Mar 29 2017 by admin
The world of digital marketing is ever-changing, and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where to start.  As a marketer who has worked with hundreds of businesses of all types throughout the years, I still find it amazing how many business owners don’t take some of the most basic steps (on top of creating a […]

Why Is Reputation Management Important for My Business?

The Blog was Posted on Mar 21 2017 by admin
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your business is only good as its reputation among your existing and prospective clients. In this digital age, it is crucial to know what your clients are saying about your business and take measures to protect your reputation. Reputation management allows you to understand how your clients see […]

How Can PPC Help Grow My Business?

The Blog was Posted on Feb 16 2017 by admin
You probably have come across these terms many times now: Google AdWords, online marketing, paid search, online advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC). Generally, they are used interchangeably, and refer to online advertising via Google AdWords. While you may associate these terms with cost, they should be linked with the vast number […]

Google Kills off Content Keywords

The Blog was Posted on Jan 17 2017 by admin
Google has finally done what it said was going to take place in May 2016: to scrap the Content Keywords feature. The industry giant has set all the uproar and confusion to rest, and removed the feature from its Search Console in order to improve site analytics. Before we delve deeper into this news, let’s […]

Google Goes Real-Time with Penguin 4.0

The Blog was Posted on Dec 06 2016 by admin
Google Penguin 4.0 is finally here and officially live now. Google announced its release in September this year, and revealed the significant changes it made and how it is going to affect websites all over the internet. It has been over two years since the last major update, Penguin 3.0, which was launched in October […]

How do Reviews Affect SEO?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 23 2016 by admin
Though many people incorrectly assume that your organic search rankings are only controlled by ranking signals such as social media, backlinks and mobile-friendliness, reviews also carry a bearing on your rank in the SERPs. While it’s true that Google doesn’t have algorithms incorporated into their metrics that evaluate the subjectivity of reviews, they can certainly […]

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The Blog was Posted on Oct 05 2016 by admin
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